Who We Back

A repeated pattern of significant success


History isn't created by normal people

We provide the first institutional capital to emerging software companies that are changing the technology landscape by orders of magnitude, where innovation is truly disruptive.

By working with a select few outstanding companies, we’re able to dig deep into the technology and stay committed for the long-term.

Regardless of the size of our investment, we are active collaborators with a deep commitment to each company. We join your board and put our entire team and ecosystem behind helping you to create success



While all of our portfolio companies are unique, there are some commonalities that their Founding Teams share:

We look for Founding Teams that draw talented people to work with them.

We are interested in Founding Teams that have a repeated pattern of success in life and business.

We love Founding Teams willing to knock down any barriers to their success.

We respect opinionated visionaries who chart their own path in technology and markets.

We support principled Teams with a long-term commitment to building a world class enterprise software company.

We work with technically deep people who thrive on creating complex, difficult, software solutions.