Meet Stackery

We are pleased to announce that HWVP has completed its initial investment in Stackery, whose product helps enterprises create and operate serverless computing applications.

This investment fits many of the themes we focus on in our investing.

Disruption. Serverless computing is an emerging disruption in cloud computing. Based on our market diligence, we see the technology quickly getting adoption in the enterprise because it allows development teams to not have to worry about infrastructure at all.

Team. The founders of the company created the second highest revenue producing product at New Relic and also worked at companies like Github so have the right perspective and experience to introduce new DevOps technologies to the enterprise.

Sector. Stackery is HWVP’s latest investment in development infrastructure; a set of companies that spans multiple decades starting with Powersoft and Wind River Systems, and more recently includes Mulesoft and Sonatype.

Product Depth. Products like Stackery’s are critical to provide the governance and standardization that development and operations teams in the enterprise require. The move to serverless creates challenges in understanding the relationship between small ephemeral microservices and insight into the infrastructure in production. Stackery gives the devops team visibility with their visual designer and their health status metrics dashboard. And all is wrapped in a release management system based on secure environments.

Congratulations to Stackery. We are excited to be working with the team to build a great company.