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AceMetrix delivers in market, on-demand television advertising analytics. The software as a service solution (SaaS) delivers a unique approach to measuring the creative effectiveness of in-market television advertising using a patent-pending measurement methodology. AceMetrix’s innovative approach can deliver analytics for breaking TV ads as well as pre-media launch ads within 24-48 hours. Marketers can now be alerted of and respond quickly to both competitive actions and consumer feedback on their own creative.

AceMetrix’s technology gives advertisers tools and data that they’ve never had access to before. Standardized metrics will allow advertisers to benchmark ads within their brands and against the competition. Daily updates of breaking ads will help brand managers quickly determine what works, what doesn’t and why, saving millions of dollars in misdirected ad spending.

“HW are true professionals. Having been through a couple of start-ups, I learned from experience how important your investors can be. HW provides ongoing support and insight as small companies navigate the inevitable ups and downs. Their experience, knowledge, network and attitude contributes to the success of the business and truly makes it fun.””
Peter Dabol

Peter Dabol

CEO, AceMetrix