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Krillion, acquired by in 2011, is a Data-as-a-Service company and provides the consumer infrastructure that enables manufacturers, content providers, retailers and rich-media advertising networks to engage ready to buy local shoppers. Krillion has built a dynamic database of over 100 million data elements that provides up-to-the-minute intelligence on where specific branded products are sold locally and which retailers have in stock in over 40,000 US locations.

Over $1Trillion of in store sales will be influenced by Internet (PC and mobile) product search and only Krillion has the comprehensive, dynamic, location aware database and engine that can help its customers influence and drive sales. Krillion’s real time data is delivered to a broad set of customers across PCs and mobile devices.

“Krillion considers itself one of the companies fortunate enough to have worked with HWVP, benefiting from both their big-picture perspective and collective experience. Their extraordinary, ongoing support was essential to keeping the team focused and driving toward what was most important in executing on the vision for the business. They played a key role in both opening doors with industry leaders and providing guidance all along the way on the issues that matter most. I count the team at HWVP as trusted partners and friends, who I’d happily work with again.””
Sherry Thomas-Zon

Sherry Thomas-Zon

CEO, Krillion