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Omniture (NASDAQ: OMTR) provides hosted applications that help online businesses measure the effectiveness of their web sites and marketing initiatives, in order to improve their success and increase their ROI. The company’s focus is on providing high-volume, complex web sites with the industry’s most comprehensive yet most adaptable solution for measuring site traffic, advertising effectiveness, sources of sales, e-commerce transactions, and more.

“The HWVP partners are extraordinary champions for entrepreneurs. They recognize that entrepreneurs are unique and unequaled in their passion and creativity. HWVP facilitates success by truly partnering with you. They help you push to the next level by continually asking what else needs to be done to be number one, and they are equally supportive during the good times and the bad times. These partners are always there for sage advice, recruiting, customer leads, and of course as a sounding board, all the while respecting your responsibility as the entrepreneur.”
Josh James

Josh James

CEO, Omniture