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SlideRocket reinvents presentations. With over 40 millions presentations given each day, presentations are second only to email for business communication. It’s been decades since presentation software was innovated, yet all other critical business software have moved to the cloud and now with SlideRocket presentations have, too.

By leveraging the power of the Internet, SlideRocket allows professionals to securely and seamlessly communicate, interact and engage in ways not possible until today, changing presentations from lectures to interactive experiences. SlideRocket helps you easily create stunning high-definition presentations that become measurable living, high-impact communication tools, no matter the platform, location or venue. SlideRocket serves companies ranging in size from Fortune 100 to independent firms. Acquired by VMWare (NYSE: VMW)

“Your venture team should be your partner. The team at HWVP is exactly that. They are an extension of your company and work with you and for you as peers. They helped us recruit, they helped broker strategic partnerships, and at times they were our lawyers, our finance dept and our psychologists. Most importantly they bring the wisdom, experience and friendship that helped us focus on the most critical areas of our business to create a great success.”
Chuck Dietrich

Chuck Dietrich

CEO, SlideRocket