Investors in Early-Stage Enterprise Software Companies

From first institutional capital through the long haul, we help forward thinkers realize their visions. Read their thoughts below.


We Are Focused On Your Success

Our team consists of technology forward thinkers and engineers. Investing in software is all we do.

We've been in the trenches ourselves. Our team members have served in roles that have included raising capital, struggling to meet payroll, managing through down cycles, and hiring in hyper-growth. For us, helping others succeed is a personal commitment.


We Help Companies Shake Up the Landscape

Things that get us to sit up straight and pay attention are:

When an engineer says,

“I can prove that my technology is a significant leap forward…” in speed, scalability, or function.

When a Founding Team says,

“We’re going to disrupt the core business of a large company.”

When Others Say,

“What you describe doesn't sound technically possible, or can’t possibly work.”

Who We Back

We Support Thoughtful, Determined Visionaries

We get behind Founding Teams with a history of success in their backgrounds. That success may be from other aspects in their lives. We like founders that have tackled hard problems and succeeded before. Our CEO’s consistently attract talented people who want to work with them. These teams are so immersed in technology that they create game-changing, disruptive breakthroughs. Further, they have the drive to go against conventional thought and perceptions and turn their vision into tangible, profitable businesses.