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Kiip is a mobile rewards network. It uses existing achievement "moments" in apps and games - from leveling up to finishing a to-do list, and brings major consumer brands in to reward those moments.

Kiip's rewards are unique in that they are serendipitous; no actions are pre-announced, and consumers use apps because they want to. They are now integrated in over 900 apps and games with over 75 brands using the platform.

“Lars Leckie has been an amazing wing man, confidant partner, and supporter throughout the building of Kiip. I chose to work with HWVP because of Lars, and also because of the firm's rich history. It's incredibly powerful to see such a wealth of knowledge and experience where networks work deep into many, many successful exits. It ultimately comes down to how adaptable they are in all stages along the investment cycle, how individualized their approach is to dealing with founders and their companies, and how agile they've been with this incredibly rapid and changing software and technology environment. I believe HWVP embodies all three principles”
Brian Wong

Brian Wong

CEO and Founder, Kiip