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Application Security Open Source Software

Palamida provides application security software targeting today’s widespread use of Open Source Software. Palamida uses component-level analysis to quickly identify and track undocumented code and associated security vulnerabilities, as well as intellectual property and compliance issues and allows development organizations to cost-effectively manage and secure mission critical applications and products. Software development organizations are under pressure to deliver more code in less time, at lower cost and with higher quality. These organizations increasingly turn to open source software to find the pre-written building blocks they need. In fact, software projects today routinely derive over fifty percent of their content from Open Source components, which has created a new requirement to manage and secure this significant change in development strategy.

Palamida Enterprise Edition is and end-to-end application security solution to identify open source content contained within software projects, provide a framework for stakeholders from development, legal and security teams to manage policy for use and take appropriate actions to secure deployed software against identified vulnerability and intellectual property infringement risks.